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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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new at 6:00, a lightning fast robbery attempt on the peninsula foiled by the store's owner and surveillance video captured the whole thing. yesterday, it took only nine seconds from the time three masked men walked into plaza jewelers in menlo park till the click of the store owner's gun sent them running back outside empty handed. one suspect was carrying a gun. his accomplices had hammers and
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this is one of the chief's final decisions before he retired tomorrow. >> for weeks now, health officials have warned us to get ready. the season's flu virus has now claimed its first life in santa clara county. marianne favro is live with the new warning from health leaders and more on what the community is doing to keep you healthy. mary ann? >> well, doctors say this recent death is a reminder to all of us that we are in the middle of flu season, and that it's only going to get worse. >> i can report that we did have one death earlier this month in a 9 -year-old woman with a lot of other chronic conditions and did die of influenza. >> today, san tap clara county's top public health officer confirmed the county's first flu death of the season and warned the worst is yet to come. >> there are more hospitalizations due to influenza-like illnesses.
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>> kaiser hospitals in the bay area are seeing a spike in calls to nurse hot lines and patients heading to emergency rooms with flu-like symptoms and they've had to order more vaccines. the flu shot is going quickly. safeway just ordered an additional 200,000 shots for its pharmacies. while other pharmacies throughout the county have reported temporarily running out of vaccines. >> there was only a certain amount of vaccine that was produced. so at some point we will run out of vaccine. >> to minimize the spread of flu today it, today the dioceses of san jose directed all 54 parrishes to stop sharing the chalice during communion, avoid shaking hands with other parishioners and only receive communion by hand, not mouth. the changes are already in effect nmpt san jose. ron dan considers it a small call. >> be safe and i'm sure the catholic church wants us to be
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safe. as long as we still are having all the rituals that we need and we do them safely, then that's all that matters. >> health leaders say what matters most now is making sure you're protected with a vaccine because flu season may not peak here until march. >> at this point, you may need to shop around for a flu shot since many retailers and doctors offices are running out. but remember you can always check here with the san tal claire ral public health department because they do plan to add two additional flu shot clinics. the take home message from public health doctors tonight is, it is still not to late to get your flu shot. reporting live in stan jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in the east bay now, it's not the flu but another contagious illness. we're talking about the norovirus which is now being blamed for sickening more than 100 kids at a local elementary school. as jody hernandez reports.
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>> i couldn't move at all. >> 8-year-old scarlet describes what it was like to come down with a case of suspected norovirus. she was home sick for two days, suffering from stomach cramps and vomiting. >> not fun, definitely not fun. definitely not fun for her more than us. >> scarlet's among dozens of children at burton valley elementary school to get sick this past week. on friday, about 100 kids stayed home. prompting the school to disinfect the entire campus over the weekend. something they're still doing daily. >> it's the third cup bleach to a gallon of water. they're wiping down all the bathrooms so toilets, sinks, bathrooms, floors, doorknobs, the handles, anything hile surface areas, high touch areas, water fountains. >> it's not just the school. the contra costa county health department says eight assisted
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living facilities are grappling with the same kind of outbreak. this facility started disinfecting is as soon as residents starting reporting symptoms. as for little scarlet, she's feeling better. but 47 kids at her school stayed home again today. >> i hope no one else gets it, and i hope in like a few days, everybody just is better. >> again, the staff at burton hopes these cleaning solutions will help wipe the virus out. they hope to have all of the children back in class and feeling better soon. in lafayette, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> now to a health scare involving a giant superstar. according to a venezuelan newspaper, pablo sandoval is in a hospital with some kind of abdominal pain. the paper took this photo of him in the hospital. a family member told them it is not appendicitis. our partners at comcast spokes with the giants, the winter
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league team he plays on will only say the panda has been excused for two days. however, the paper also quotes his agent as saying the world series mvp will likely not return to play for that winter league team. >> still to come here at 6:00, back on top. the new poll giving silicon valley a big reason to brag and a new tool to attract even more business. also. >> i'm scott budman at go pro headquarters with one of the tiny cameras that will take you inside the maverick surf competition. we'll show you what they'll show you coming up. >> and she's coming to visit her little monsters. lady gaga in the south bay tonight, but fans heading to the big show are getting a lot more than a concert. we'll tell you about the helping hand she's offering to her fans. >> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the "weather center." widespread sunshine today did help us warm up. 74 in the scotts valley. half moon bay also at 69. spare the air alert in effect as we head throughout's forecast.
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a battle over the right to bare it all in public. today a judge waded into the fight over a new public nudity ban in san francisco. city officials say it's a matter of public safety. nudity advocates say it's an attempt to cover up their constitutional rights. and while both sides battled in court, protesters bared their souls and a lot more on the courthouse steps. nbc bay area's kimberly little terry joins us with the latest on what happened inside and outside of that croom. >> raj, we should know by the end of the month whether it will be a crime to be naked on the streets of san francisco. today a federal judge said he would hand down his ruling on the constitutionality of a new anti-nudity law before it's set to take effect february 1st. public nudity activists who
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filed a federal lawsuit seeking to invalidate the new law argue it violates their first amendment rights. they say nudity is a form of expression. but in court today, the deputy city attorney argued that simply disrobing in public doesn't send any clear political message. instead she told the judge, it's a threat to public safety. >> there's concern about public safety, about distracting drivers, about obstructing the free philosophy pedestrian traffic. there's concerns about the harms that people feel when they are exposed to nudity unwillingly. >> to the extent that the power that the city has the power tore, quote unquote, protect the health and welfare of the citizenry, it can only act when it actually and only is based on science. and not rumor. facts and not prejudice. >> before and after the hour-long hearing, nude
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activists staged protests outside of the federal courthouse. they also say they'll appeal if the judge lets the law stand. kimberly terry, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. >> it's no secret the silicon valley has long been home to leaders of innovation and growth, not just for the state but for the country and for that matter even the world. >> today that statement good new validation. a study released by the milken institute reveals we're just right. the valley ranks first in the best performing city's list. sam brock goes behind the numbers to tell us if the ranking is deserved or if there's more than meets the eye. >> janelle, good evening. it's certainly a gaudy title, isn't it? looking at the benchmarks being measured to decide who is the best performing city economically, i'd have to say the milken study is correct. that doesn't mean there aren't a few thorns on the rose like wage growth and unemployment throughout the region. things are zipping along these days for the silicon valley, at least when it comes to economic
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performance. >> i sat on a panel this morning with business leaders from throughout the country and what they kept repeating was, you have no idea how good you have it here. >> here's how good we have it. san jose has added the most jobs in the country the last few years. it's part of the reason silicon valley finds itself ranked as best performing city in the united states by the milken institute study. here's the criteria being judged. job growth, wage and salary growth, hi-tech gdp growth and hi-tech gdp location quo yent which basically means how many tech companies are concentrated in one area. as you can tell, the formula for determining the best cities is, well, very tech heavy. >> tech has been a catalyst for growth in the u.s. for us to remain competitive, we have to be at the very high edge of innovation, creating new products and services that companies and consumers demand not only in the u.s. but around the world. >> tech production tends to sink lower when the economy is
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struggling and when things are going well, drive us out of recession according to ross duval, study author. things are booming now and the numbers would support that. according to a new report on startups compiled by researchers, silicon 1234r50e8 12 was the best place in the world to start a company. that might explain the area's number one ranking notice milken study but also consider these tidbits. san jose's wage growth dropped almost 2% in the last year, per the u.s. labor statistics and santa clara's unemployment rate, while a steady 7.7% is good for just seventh best in the state of california. >> job growth here greatly exceeds what we're seeing in any other metro area in the country. the challenge is there are still many families struggling as we know. unemployment exceeds 8% in san jose. >> and council mann's remarks there summarize the situation well. we are adding the most jobs of any place in the country here in silicon valley.
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that's true. startups are flourishing. but the overall economy by standard measures like unemployment and wage growth has aways to go, giving that ranking a footnote. i'm sam bracken. that is today's reality check. >> thank you. the term fleet discount generally refers to cars but now actram is applying it to trains. amtrak is combining its buying power with the california high speed rail authority to do what shoppers everywhere strive to do, get a discount. by joining forces, the two rail giants want to negotiate lower prices for specialized trains which can travel at 220 miles per hour. construction will begin this summer on california's high speed rail system. the first 65-mile stretch will run from merced to fresno. officials with both railroads hope to purchase about 60 trains over the next decade with the first order placed next year. >> one of the world's biggest surfing events is just three days away. we're talking about mavericks on the san mateo county coast. fans can't get onto the beach to
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watch but local technology can now offer you an even better view of the action. our business and tech reporter scott budman has more on the local company that's going to put you right on the waves. >> that's right. big waves are making mavericks dangerous for nonsurfers but a small piece of technology developed here is giving you a chance to get right up to the action. because of concerns brought on by this big wave two years ago, you won't be able to get close to these big waves this year at mavericks. unless you're following one of these. if you're a surfer, say hello to your little friend. the go pro camera, used by athletes everywhere and coming to mcnabb ribs for a starring role. >> they're the most passionate moments of our lives. >> justin wilkinfeld was one of the first people hired at go pro. he like lots of employees here loves to surf. and loves to give everyone an upclose look at the sport.
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>> being able to capture moments while you're out there surfing with your friends and what not and to see some of the best pro surfers in the world using our cameras to help capture those moments and share that with the media and show the world what it's like to be on board, you know, 30, 40, 50-foot waves is insane. >> it's also catching on. gopro is growing like crazy. now with close to 400 employees in its new headquarters and with help from a $200 million investment from china's foxconn is hiring even more. all this because of tiny cameras and a loyalty they inspire. >> well, what's fascinating is every day we're humbled in this office. a new piece of content lands on our social media inbox, and it's something totally unexpected. we just found some ostrich jockeys that race ostriches rocking these things. >> whatever you're looking for on two legs, go pro probably follows it, a mix of technology,
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social media and sports coming to a wave near you. >> the surfers will compete sunday for $50,000 in prize money. the winner will earn $12,000. janelle and raj? >> amazing. they started on the peninsula, right? just surfers? >> yeah, a lot of them started in half moon bay in san diego and still have offices in both. that brought them together and said hey, we want a better way to show this stuff off. that's where it all launched. >> really cool. >> it is. we have our weather forecast for mavericks. let's bring meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> video was awesome like you're almost out there surfing. so cool. mavericks waves are going to continue build out in the pacific. still a few thousand miles out, at least the energy that will help to produce that. by some of these models as we head into saturday, the swells will start to increase. then by sunday, that's when it looks like the swells will peak out with mavericks now on sunday. wave heights right now small. only 3 to 4 feet. that's it. winds not very strong, north at
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nine miles per hour. as we head into sunday, we're looking at swells anywhere from 20 to 35 feet. and very long duration. 20 to 25 seconds. we're going to see these swells. it's going to be very dangerous to all swimmers and boaters. so best advice would be to leave these waves up to the experts. mavericks festival held off the coastline. temperatures in the upper 40s on sunday at 8:00 a.m. clear skies by 1:00 p.m. we'll be pushing numbers close to 70 degrees. for today, we did have a lot of warming out here even for the south bay. that was one of the warmest across the bay area. santa teresa popped up to 66. 64 in san jose and that 66 in santa teresa was one of the warmest days since december 11th. that's how long it has been since we've seen temperatures like this. i want to thank steve hall for that information. live outside, you can see the haze in our sky camera. spare the air alert in effect for the rest of today. also in san francisco, we're
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looking at very brilliant clear conditions immediately but also some haze here in downtown. let's get a look at we head throughout tomorrow. sunny skies all the way throughout the day. by the bay, temperatures starting in the mid 40s. by the afternoon, pushing it 70 for the east bay, south and north bay. as we look at friday's forecast also, if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, another spare the air day with the worst air quality in the north bay and the central bay. 3 day forecast, plenty of sunshine the next couple of days. more in the seven-day in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. still ahead, you don't have to go far to understand the solar system. the new bay area exhibit that will allow you to touch the sun. >> and is it really possible to outgrow a lifelong diagnosis? the new findings that could change the way doctors think about autism.
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has died at the age of 94. 58 years ago this month, she launched her famous column at the "san francisco chronicle." pauline friedman phillips was a housewife in hillsborough. and the san mateo times had already rejected her idea for an advice column. so she approached "the chronicle." "the chronicle" said they had already had a columnist but the editor gave some sample questions to phillips to see if she could do better. she got the job that day. she died in minneapolis yesterday after a long battle with alzheimer's disease. her twin sister died in 2002. >> research says there's no evidence that some children diagnosed with autism can outgrow the disorder as they get older. a new study from the national institutes of health followed 78 children diagnosed with autism at a young age. they found 34 children reached what they call an optimal outcome and were able to function in the classroom and on the playground at the same level
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at their nonautistic peers. researchers say the study shows some children can outgrow the autism. now much more research needs to be done to understand why and how. >> it's the hoax that's gripping the nation the tale of a madeup girlfriend from stanford. the latest revelations into a star football player caught in a webb all made up on the web. >> and putting the bay area first. the newest addition to the san francisco music scene that makes it a first in the nation. >> and traveling first class all the way. take a look. we'll tell you where the giants world series trophy has arrived tonight.
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new details tonight in the bizarre story about a notre dame football player, monty teo. he says he's the victim of an elaborate hoax involving his girlfriend he thought died but she may never have actually existed. nbc's jay gray on the questions surfacing from someone some who
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believe the heisman trophy runner-up may be involved in this hoax. >> manti te'o was an all-american heisman finalist who led an overan cheening notre dame football team to the national championship game during a season where he reportedly fought through the deaths of his grandmother and girlfriend. a story he shared with the nation and on espn. >> marsha was trying to console me and i was just out of it. and last thing she said to me ways love you. >> but it turns out that heart wrenching plot line was a lie. as the shocking story spread, t teo released a written statement said the two never met in person but had grown to love each other during a lengthy online relationship. he claimed he was the victim of someone's sick joke and lies. dead spin and other outlets speculated a family friend in hawaii may be responsible for the hoax.
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>> he had previously gotten some other guy's suckered into this fake relationship. >> but there are growing questions about whether the football star and his family were also involved. >> it would take i think you know, a pretty clueless guy to fall for this for that long. >> notre dame is standing behind the student athlete. school officials immediately launch add independent investigation when he told them about the hoax in late december. >> nothing about what i have learned has taken my faithing in manti t'eo. >> but analysts and fans aren't sure. >> is there a possibility he got caught up in all this? yes. did he love the attention? >> questions that now force te 'o to prepare off the field for what is sure to be his most difficult defensive assignment. jay gray, bradenton, florida. >> manti te'o said his girlfriend was a stanford student but stanford officials confirm there's no record of a
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student by the name of lanae can kikua. on campus everyone was buzzing about the story and the students are just confused like everyone else. >> if someone told me manti te'o's girlfriend is a stanford grad, i would have said absolutely not. how would i not know anything about this, tragic car accident, a student who dies from leukemia and a girlfriend of manti te'o who every time stanford played notre dame, i would have wanted to write an article about that because it would be a great story. >> he released a written statement saying he was a victim of a painful and humiliating hoax. he released that yesterday. he was expected to address the media today in person but canceled that session and it's said he will reschedule but no word when. we have extended coverage of this story on our website., including more reaction from stanford and notre dame's response. >> after being closed for six months, a theater in colorado where a mass shooting took place reopens tonight.
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there was a remembrance ceremony at the remodeled and renamed century aurora. the city of aurora gave nearly 2,000 movie tickets to victims, first responders, hospital employees and volunteers. the victims' families had the opportunity to tour the theater earlier this week. the reopening is not without controversy and mixed emotion. >> none of us are interested in ever stepping foot florida that theater that killing field ever again. >> the suspect james holmes is accused of killing 12 people and wounding 70. he is scheduled to enter a plea in march. >> vice president biden addressed the u.s. conference of mayors today in washington, d.c. telling the group the white house will take the gun control fight to the halls of congress. the president's proposal includes universal background checks for gun buyers and assault weapons ban and limits on the size of magazine clips. >> but high capacity magazines leave victims with no chance and all too often leave police outgunned, as well. in aurora, the assailant had a
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100-clip magazine. now, had it not -- had his weapon not jammed, god knows how many more people would have been killed. >> president obama and vice president biden admit the new push for sweeping gun control will be a tough fight ahead. one that is sure to face bipartisan opposition. they're both asking americans to lobby their representatives. >> algeria tonight says it had no choice but to send in special forces against militants holding foreign hostages near its border with libya. it says it's over but details are scarce and casualty reports vary from a few dead to dozens dead. the militants with links to al qaeda swarmed the sprawling gas facility yesterday taking hostage workers from ten different countries including america. they said it was in retaliation for france's invasion of the neighboring country of mali. the white house will -- right
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now at least six people are confirmed dead and perhaps many more are dead. dozens of hostages remain unaccounted for. >> moving on now, first all those yellow jerseys were taken. now lance armstrong stripped of his bronze medal. the ioc has sent a letter to the disgraced cyclist asking him to return the bronze medal he won during the sydney olympics. he's being stripped after admitting to doping with an interview with oprah this week. he at mites to using performance enhancing drugs. he previously denied the allegations for years. >> tonight the san francisco giants world series trophy is resting comfortably on the other side of the country. why are the team's prized possessions in new york in the answers? history. bob redell got a sneak peek at the first class an accommodations for the precious
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metal. >> on all the passengers on this flight to jfk, the most recognizable. >> you heard what's going on on the plane today, right? >> yes. >> the one with its own escort couldn't be missed. sitting in first class, seat 1d. we're trying to get the trophy out to as many place as possible. >> larry baer will be escorting the trophy aboard virgin america's is aircraft where the team started 131 years ago. >> more years in new york than san francisco. we want to honor our past by taking the trophy to new york. there's a lot of giants fans there. >> in the air who will be allowed to snap pics of the hardware at 35,000 feet. >> at cruising altitude in calm air we do it. >> this wouldn't be good in turbulence. >> right. pointy gadget. >> i'm excited. my son wants a picture. >> i thought i was going to get some wi-fi going and get work done but i feel like maybe less work will get done today. i'm just like checked into
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facebook and told everyone what's happening. >> by the way, about that beard pained on the nose of the lane plane supply believe that's a generic beard snee sergio romo. >> subject to your own interpretation. >> take care that have trophy in the big apple. >> still ahead, it's more than just a show. >> lady gaga is about to take the stage at hp pavilion. before she does, her born this way foundation has been reaching out to fans who might be in need of serious help. i'm arturo santiago. details on had coming up in a live report. >> i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. it will be hazy with a spare the air day in effect. if you happen to be traveling to atlanta, we know the game's played in a dome but you want to know what the weather will be like outside, too. low to mid 50s with lots of sunshine. going to feel like the bay area
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as the 49ers take on the falcons. back with your full forecast in just a few minutes.
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they are promising some answers. the board of pilot commissioners says it will make a recommendation within 90 days regarding that tanker that crashed into the bay bridge. the board met this morning and said they had a statement from the pilot of the overseas raymar within 48 hours of the collision. a spokesperson for the board says they did not have information on reports that the
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pilot may have changed course at the last minute. they're also gathering information on the weather conditions that day. fog was thick and visibility was limited. about a half a mile. the tanker was empty at the time. in 2007, a ship hit the bridge in heavy fog spilling more than 50,000 gallons of oil into the bay. >> can you really touch the sun? sort of. bay area space enthusiasts will soon have a chance to experience the sun in a whole new way. the space and science center in oakland is getting ready to unveil its touch the sun exhibit this weekend. near realtime images of the sun taken from outer space will be on display, allowing visitors to see light not visible by the human eye from earth. the first of its kind exhibit allows people to see the sun's beauty like never before. the satellite can even capture solar flares. >> this is the only exhibit like this in the world and what you're seeing behind me is the sun. . nearly realtime. images are being taken by the
6:39 pm
solar dynamic observe serer to, a sat height out in space and we're getting the feed from lockheed live and putting it up here on this amazing display. >> astronomers and teachers in elementary school always say it's important to understand the sun because of its power to impact the earth. flares have been known to disrupt communications and power grids. >> next monday, san francisco will welcome its newest musical venue, the san francisco jazz center is massive. and it's dedicated to promoting jazz. nbc bay area's joe rosato junior shows us how it marks one man's long devotion to music. >> two years ago, the corner of franklin and fell in san francisco was the home of an old auto shop. this week, that same corner is emerging as a temple of jazz. >> what happens in here is music. and music in a very deep and we hope profound way. >> randall cline of the non-profit san francisco jazz is the father of the 35,000 square foot new sf jazz center.
6:40 pm
it's considered to be the first freestanding jazz building in the country. >> the idea of this place is to create a hall for jazz that had the idea of the focus of a concert hall. >> the organization will cut the ribbon on the new building this monday but today, cline showed us around its musical centerpie centerpiece. >> this is a 700-seat concert hall that can be configured for 350 seats, as well. >> the new center will host concerts, classes and relerss. he said the building was wrapped in windows to invite the outside public to be part of the music. >> this idea that we're a different society, it's a more open society. we're talking about a wide open music, that the building needed to reflect that. >> the lobby features murals illustrating san francisco's rich jazz history. >> this one is called "jazz in the nation," and this is a history of jazz almost a sociological history of jazz in this country. >> the building takes its place in a civic center arts district already flush with stim phony,
6:41 pm
ballet and opera. adam theis says the center will become a home base for a thriving music scene. >> a lot of people are excited this will be something that will benefit a lot of the musicians in the bay area and also benefit a lot of the music listeners. >> sf jazz plans to break in the building with a series of concerts starting next week. but for cline who has been working for two decades on the project, its true impact will be measured on a day some 20 years from now. >> when this hall is filled at this very same time of day with school children watching a jazz program for kids in here, then you know, that's what i'm really looking forward to. >> joe rosato junior, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people excited about this new jazz center in san francisco. >> yes. >> i'm excited about the forecast. finally warming up. >> it's going to be sunny. it's going to be warm. it's hard to believe it's the same week, you guys. we started with the 20s and even close to teens earlier this w k
6:42 pm
week. >> yea, jeff, 70s. let's get to sports. 49ers pistol offense has led them to the nfc championship game. next, how one key player is just now getting used to it. plus, find out why the next time you see some of san francisco's world series heros on the field, they won't be wearing giants' uniforms. we'll explain next from the xfinity sportsdesk. whatever you're in the mood for, sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.
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>> in just about one hour, lady gaga will be entertaining a sold out crowd inside hp pavilion. but the show outside is under way. >> as you can imagine, we can expect the unexpected from lady gaga and her monsters. the pre-show parking lot event features everything from fashion shows to free help for mental health experts. nbc bay area's arturo santiago joins us at the shark tank where they covered up the ice for lady gaga, correct? >> that is right. there's something we do have to tell you about. doors just open but within the past hour a situation has been developing. take a look to the right of me here. it appears that the concert has drawn the attention of some church protesters. so far, they've only been getting into verbal
6:45 pm
confrontations with the crowd but the police are on the scene as is security and they're keeping a very close eye on the situation. now, this is one of the more colorful pop con sers you'll see with lady gaga fans she calls her little monsters, dressing up to emulate or pay homagetology lady gaga. if you were just driving by, you might think all of this is just part of the show when in fact, what's been happening here on the street since 3:00 this afternoon is the bornbrave bus tour. a program developed by lady gaga's born this way foundation to reach out and help her fans. >> the bornbrave bus tour is as unique as lady ga herself. uniqueness that translates to her fans she calls her little monsters. and she's reaching out to any of them that may need help. that's the purpose of the bornbrave bus tour. >> this is an amazing vehicle. the born this way foundation is terrific. it's a great way for kids to feel empowered. >> one of the missions of the foundation is to create a
6:46 pm
kinder, brave world and to destigmatize getting help and fremont for youth. >> dr. susan swearer is on the board of the born this way foundation and tells me there's no on-site counseling taking place at the bornbrave bus tour. once inside, volunteers direct fans to local resources in the community. support groups like the national council for behavioral health, campus pride and mentoring usa are on hand to help give that direction. >> it's a personal thing i've been going through for a while. >> you want to find out more about how you can get help? >> yeah, a little bit of help and guidance would be really nice. >> organizers noticed an interesting side effect of the bus tour. once the little monsters starte to figure out they're not alone, they started to open up to each other. >> it really is just about, hey, we're all a community and let's help one another and that's very much kind of the feeling on the bus. >> the bornbrave bus tour started just this year. this is only its third stop.
6:47 pm
live in san jose, arturo santiago. >> are we miss ago and chore at the anchor desk? jessica aguirre? >> yes. why? >> are you saying i can't. >> no, i believe she's at the lady gaga concert. >> she is, oh, my goodness. i didn't know that. that's why she has the day off? lucky girl. >> that's where she is. >> i wondered where she was. >> can we officially confirm that? yes, i'm sure. maybe we'll get a picture. she may be spotted out there. we want to start off on the weather and these dangerous waves will likely have this weekend. it's going to be great for the mavericks. for your average boater and swimmer, it is going to be again some wave taz you want to advise extreme caution, maybe not even step your foot in the water. by sunday, waves that could be as high as 35 feet, long duration, 20 to 25 second swells. so again, this is also going to be producing some very dangerous
6:48 pm
rip currents. advise extreme caution. spare the air for friday. air quality will continue to stay pretty poor up into the north and also the central bay as the air is going to be very stagnant. the wind's not going to move too much. high pressure aloft. it's going to cause you problems if you suffer from allergies. temperatures in the mid 50s across most of the bay area. it's clear in san francisco right now. with just some of that haze lingering around for tonight. weather pattern right now is allowing all of the rainfall and by all the rainfall, i mean every single last drop to push way off to the north. the next closest storm system is 1567800 miles away. and you can thank high pressure for producing all of this dry weather. it's going to stay put here as we head throughout friday, saturday, sunday, maybe monday and tuesday of next week for very mild weather weather to continue in the forecast. a few 70s expected this weekend. half moon bay going up to 70 by sunday. gilroy 7-0, and san francisco
6:49 pm
even a very mild for this time of the year 69 degrees. for tomorrow morning, low 30s in the north bay. some patchy frost. 32 in livermore, 36 in san jose, 33 in the almaden valley. for tomorrow, it is going to be warmer, as well with mid 60s in santa rosa. 64 in san rafael. 67 in san jose. you can almost feel the heat on that map down into santa cruz with 69 degrees. you know when it's warmer here than it is for the interior valleys you've got an offshore wind event setting up. that's why the coast will be warmer than some of the interior valleys for tomorrow. 3 day forecast sunny and hazy the next couple days. air quality probably not bet they are weekend. to be a good next couple you may feel like you're sick but it could be that air quality. i'm no doctor but that's what some of the signs point to. monday, tuesday and wednesday, a little bit of cloud cover.
6:50 pm
no rain drops in the seven-day forecast. we're pushing that back till maybe next weekend. we'll have to see about this one. maybe we'll get a picture from jess at the concert. you never know. >> having a great time. >> she'll be dancing away. >> thanks, jeff. >> let's get to sports jim kozimor is here. look who i'm sitting next to, the expert of the 49ers. >> yeah, i'm so embarrassed by our picks last week, that i'm starting with baseball tonight. that's how embarrassed i am. all right, guys, let's get things going in sports. giants will partake in the upcoming world baseball classic with pagano and lopez suit up for puerto rico. romo will be playing for mexico. the venezuelan team will include marco security row along with pablo sandoval who apparently hasn't been feeling well. he is hospitalized due to abdominal pain according to his brother and then sandoval's
6:51 pm
venezuelan team tweeting out there's no major complications and he could be back with the team within days. two giants representing the united states in the march tournament will be starting pitcher ryan vogelsong and reliever jerry affeldt. vogelsong gave up just three runs in four starts while affeldt didn't allow a single run. now on to football. three days away from the 49ers taking on the atlanta falcons in the nfc title game. colin kaepernick and that many pistol offense are the rage in the nfl world. it didn't start out that way back in week 11. mindy bach tells us who didn't buy in at first. >> recent offensive coordinator greg roman liked the pistol formation as soon as he saw it. mainly because having the running back lineup directly behind the quarterback makes the offense unpredictable. a run can go any direction in a read option as can a pass in a play fake. but to get it to work, roman would have to convince his star running back. frank gore did not mince words
6:52 pm
about how he first felt about the pistol formation. >> i thought -- i felt like that's not real football. you know, coming from miami, you know, it was like pro style offense. you know, i didn't -- think really big of it. >> the veteran admitted the nuances of the pistol took some getting used to. >> i had to adjust because i don't know if i'm going to get the ball or not. so the i got to be patient. you know? and stay on my course and if i got it, you know, i got to adjust to what i see. >> i think there's a chemistry that is built, and it's you know, it's not something that you can easily write on paper to describe. but it's a matter of pressure. and the quarterback, you know, has the ball, controls the ball and when he pulls it, i mean, he's yanking that thing out. there is no indecision. so it's definitely, i mean, he is ripping that thing out with conviction. >> after rushing for more than 100 yards for the first time in a game in the postseason, in addition to calling kaepernick's
6:53 pm
181 rushing yard performance, gore is a believer. >> you know, they got -- they're going to have to look out for them, you know? so hopefully they keep looking out for him and 21 keep getting the ball. i just do what he did last week. get us to the super bowl, i'm with it. >> gore is not the only offensive player who initially did not like the formation. at least one offensive lineman told me the same thing, but now he says he's nearly foolproof for the 49ers. he says defenses cannot defend it the way kaepernick, gore and lamichael james execute it. mindy bach, nbc bay area. >> let's move to basketball. golden state warriors. here's what we know regarding steph curry. he missed last night's loss to the heat due to ankle and knee issues and now out indefinitely. he will be in san antonio for tomorrow's game against the spurs. no timeline when heal return. we know he won't be an nba all-star and won't be at the all-star game as least at a
6:54 pm
starter. the game goes for david lee. warriors have not had an all-star since '97 but they could still be added to the roster. that will be announced later on. and one final note. in today's mls superdraft the earthquakes taking a georgetown center back tommy muller and a midfielder dan gel gado. the quakes start in just six weeks from now. more 49ers at 11:00. i can't wait for friday when i'm going to go zwroog nel's nfl to of find out who she's picking this weekend and by how many points, raj. now i know where to go for my best gambling habit. >> janelle picked the exact score, the 49ers would win by 14 points over the packers. tomorrow, we've got a date and going to vegas to make the bet. >> i'm doing more research. i have my number but i'm going to do more research tonight. >> thanks, janelle. >> i'll be waiting. >> tomorrow. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage, watch
6:55 pm
"sportsnet central" on bay area tonight at 10:30. >> back in a moment. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ]
6:56 pm
[ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, does it measure up in the viral photo that has the subway sandwich shops on the defensive tonight at 11:00 after an all new "rock center." >> that does it for us. thanks so much for watching. good night, folks. >> have a great evening.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> now on "extra," will lance go broke? how his confession's hitting his multi-million dollar empire like a wrecking ball. then, our lost interview with lance and his wife before she walked away with $14 million. >> you tell about that. >> mariah versus minaj. the new "idol" comes out with a cat fight. >> why are you in my face! >> who got in more jabs? >> she called me something that begins with a "b" and ends with "it." >> the notre dame football hoax. the star player who mourned the tragic death of a girlfriend who didn't exist. >> the most beautiful girl i've ever met. >> was he duped or in on the scam? tiger's surprised plot. to get eel an back. the report he's willing to sign a no-cheating clause. >> and our a-list with eva
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